Anti-acne favourite skincare products + tips

Hey all,

Having acne-prone skin I wanted to share my favourite skincare products that have personally helped me with this issue. I used to have really bad skin (around a year ago or so) and was always insecure about myself, never felt like going out because I felt like I will be judged etc. Therefore I know exactly how bad it can make someone feel – been through it all! So I’d like to share the products that helped me achieve clear skin. Plus a few skincare tips!



Cupcake face mask by Lush – £6.50

This face mask smells absolutely wonderful, of cocoa powder and fresh mint. I use this mask every 2 days leaving it on for 10 min. It washes away all the impurities and dirt from my face, especially from make up. This face mask is specifically targeted at acne prone skin.


Vichy exfoliating gel scrub – £11.00

I use this scrub twice a day, everyday instead of using a cleanser. You are meant to use it 2-3 times a week but I use it pretty much everyday – since I started using this scrub my skin cleared up and is looking better than ever!


Chanel Mattifying Toner – £30.00

I use this toner around 2-3 times a week.

Skincare tips:

Sometimes using the right products doesn’t always help so here are the most crucial skincare tips.

1. Drink as much water as possible. If you don’t drink water, don’t expect your skin to be clear. The more you consume the better for both your skin and hair.

2. Never EVER go to sleep with your make up on. Always wash your face with a scrub or cleanser before going to sleep. Can’t stress just how important this is!

3. Avoid touching your face with your hands, especially when you are out and your hands are dirty… imagine all that bacteria that is on your hands!

Hope I helped – thank you for reading.



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